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 If you don't play, you can't Win!  Here are some of our Winners




Sept 09 Gamers Club: First time player, J. O. played for a grand total of 30 minutes and hit 5 Cherries on the Diamond 7 Game for $120, then hit 8 Triple Bars on the same machine for $400+. Nice job Jackie! D. C. on Sunday Night 7/6 at Mega Nites Scored 9 Butterflies - that's nine of a kind and was good for over $4,000 !

One of the luckiest players so far has been T. P. Tracy has a habit of hitting 8 of a kind. M. F. scored a Royal Flush and collected $300 K. K. hits for $300 with 8 of a kind! The 8's are hot at Gamers Club!
Y. M. collapses after winning the 46" Big Screen TV Halloween Night Yukking it Up Checking out the TV
Halloween Costume Finalists face off to the Selection Panel, shown on right. This is what 8 Bars looks like, paying $400 D. C. (the Keno Queen) hits for $400

Las Vegas Trip Finals held June 2008 at Mega Nites.

8 Finalists, 1 Winner went to Vegas with a chance to win $1 Million!

June 14, 2008 Mega Nites: was the drawing of the $ 1 Million Dollar Las Vegas Sweepstakes Winner from these 8 Finalists. Note: each Finalist chose their own "Envelope". They opened their envelopes simultaneously, looking for the one that had inside "Vegas". and the Lucky Winner was: T. W. She lefts on an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas and gets to play in the Texas Hold'em Tel-Sweeps Tournament for a chance to win $1 Million. She came close but no cigar!

Cruise Finalist assemble at Mega Nites to pick their names to determine sequence each will draw their own Envelope. Some have picked their Envelopes and others still have to pick their own. T. N. received Congrads from other Finalists.


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